Monday, August 28, 2006

Give A $%#^$

As I sit and write this in a Public Library, I can't help but think...who would give a fuck? As many people that are suffering, why would any one give a rats ass about me. Because Im the same kid, that acts just as professional as you, but gets off 4 stops after you on the train, in a bad neighborhood, and wonders whats it like to get off on Wall St. or Jay St., knowing that I'm going home. For you to care, I would have to be of the same blood or next of kin, and chances are, im neither. Thats why I'm campaigning for a better life, It would be too much to ask anyone to give a fuck...that's why all I ask for is a buck.

Many poor souls feel that leaving their physical being would solve all their problems, I believe that there are good souls out there that help others in need, I have a family that cares about me, but unfortunately due to our inherited poverty, can't care FOR me. I'm on a Cal Ripken-like streak of bad holidays. Why look forward to something that's going to remind you that you're unable to obtain small material things that make you feel a part of society.

I wonder if Santa received my wish for a cell-phone....oh wait that was 5 years ago. Did the three kings bring anything with my name on it?...still waiting. Why noone pays attention or sees signs of a tortured soul? Well it's cause I try to work hard for mine, but my soul's weary, I'm a strong person, with too much integrity to show my face and pull a publicity stunt. For all those that donate, I will send them a personalized letter, along with a picture.


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