Friday, September 08, 2006

Learning To Owe

Seeing everyone return to school is always fun, I guess its something that I got used to after all these years of school. This year was a rude awakening, I'm actually not gearing up to go to school. At first my parents and I were thankful for living in America and being eligible for Financial Aid, and to this day I am, but thanks to politics, cut-backs and me registering late, therefore making errors in my schedule, I now owe my college $1,046. How is it possible to owe money, after its given to you?

The heartbreaking news that my transcript will not be released until the debt is covered shattered my dreams of finishing school asap. Now, im $1,046 away from going BACK to school. I tried calling Mayor Bloombergs house and office (both numbers are made public) and explain my situation, but his assistants, though very nice and helpful, couldn't do anything to help me with this matter. There is nothing that I would rather do right now than be in school. Has this happened to anyone before? Were you able to solve this problem without coming out of pocket? Financial aid was my main source of income, even more than my side-jobs, how do they expect me to come up with that money, when I was on financial aid in the first here I only joy was being a student, thats what seperated me from the characters in my neighborhood, now..Im just another face.... :(.....


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